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Franchising Information 

Why Franchising? Why the English Certification and Training Industry?

Franchising works because of critical mass and economies of scale that allow you, as
a business owner, to enjoy lower operating costs. Franchising also provides you with
the opportunity to focus on managing your business rather than spending your time
creating or sourcing deliverables for your customers.

Although it is very exciting to expand your
current business, grow a new business
division, or become an entrepreneur, it is
equally comforting to know that you are not
alone. Franchises are proven business
systems which have withstood the test of

As an IEERA franchisee, you are in business
for yourself, but not by yourself. The main
reason people and companies acquire
franchises, as opposed to starting a business independently, is to reduce risk while
simultaneously maximizing the chance of success.

IEERA has been in business for many years. Our systems have been tried and tested in
more than 100 countries around the globe. We fully train you, the franchisee, before you
begin your business and we continue to support you over the life or our partnership.

There has never been a more exciting time to build an English training and certification

The English training and certification industry is closely linked to global economy. As
English is the language of international trade and transportation, large corporations wil continue to implement globalization solutions that reduce overhead and increase revenue.

This means all companies in your market are potential clients. So are individuals who wish to secure a rewarding career in the competitive job market, but who must acquire the right skills first. The English education business continues to see growth in nearly every country of the world. It's always a great time to be a professional educator in the English training and certification industry.


What shaped this growing industry and sets us apart from our competition is the IEERA business model. This model is based on our belief that training and certification are not luxuries; they are needs that affects both the personal and professional lives of our clients.

Our business model focuses on helping clients identify their present and future needs. Every step in the process has been designed to help franchise owners close more sales and increase market share. It is important to remember that the IEERA business model was tested and refined in company-owned centers for decades of years before being offered as a franchise opportunity.

Our success is built on three strategies:

1. Maintain an Aggressive Sales System
2. Offer Innovative, High Quality Training and Certification
3. Deliver the Most Complete Franchisee Training and
    Support in the Industry

The key advantages of the IEERA Authorized Certification and Training Center (IEERA ACTC) franchise include, but are not limited to:

1. A Global Brand - Instant recognition of your business as a part of the established market leader in
    English education. IEERA is the Global Brand in English education.

2. A Proven Business Model - This model includes industry leading sales and marketing
    methodologies, combined with the unparalleled training delivery method of Integrated Learning.
    Both have been perfected over 50 years, and have established IEERA as the unquestioned leader in
    its industry.

3. A Worldwide Network - Being part of a network of 2000 IEERA ACTCs in 100 countries means
    access to global clients, sharing of information and knowledge with hundreds of other franchisees,
    and leveraging relationships with the United Nation GFP.

4. Extensive Franchisee Training - Our franchisee training begins with an intensive two week training
    program for new owners and managers. But this is just the beginning—training programs, staff job
    descriptions, ongoing training events, annual conferences, a wide variety of live e-learning events,
    and self-paced e-learning resources all exist to help develop our franchise network.

5. Comprehensive Franchisee Support - Our franchisees benefit from shared knowledge that enables
    them to quickly address questions and resolve business challenges. You are never alone.

6. World Class Content – IEERA has access to one of the largest libraries of course manuals, video
    delivered content, web delivered training content, practice exams and more; often at much lower
    costs than one could find as an independent training company.

7. Innovative Products & Solutions - New Horizons continues to lead the English education industry by
    constantly innovating. Solutions like our award-winning TESOL Certification™ and ISET™ allow our
    franchisees to stay one step ahead of the competition, yet simultaneously focus on their operation
    while the Franchisor perfects the process.

Franchisee Profile and Requirements

We produce top operators of English education businesses throughout the world. We do this by successfully training companies from multiple industries and individual entrepreneurs from multiple walks of life. Our new franchisees include:

1. Companies who want to diversify by beginning an English certification and training business, or
    grow an existing English certification and training business. With a global brand and network behind
    them, they know they can dominate the English certification and training space in their respective

2. Individual Entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to: Trainers, English
    Professionals, Management Executives, and Owners of other Franchises. In short, those who have
    successfully operated their own businesses and have a high ambition to learn and succeed.

The profile of the ideal franchisee includes, but is not limited to:

* Sales and Marketing Experience
* Strong Business Management Skills
* Effective Operational Management Skills
* Extensive Network of Local Contacts
* Can Ideally Communicate in English

The qualifications that a franchisee candidate (company or individual) should possess include, but are not limited to:

 * Commercially and financially qualified to develop and
   support a network of training centers in a
   specific territory
* Commercially driven
* Solid local business knowledge
* A desire to dominate the local market

Prior ownership of a business is highly desirable, but not mandatory. While a basic understanding of English education would be beneficial, English language skills are secondary to basic business talent.


Capital requirements will vary, based on the size and location of the territory, the development plan, the size of the first center, and local market costs.

Generally, a franchisee must have a minimum of US $100,000 in available capital to launch the first center (Unit Franchise). The capital requirements for certain markets or for multiple centers (Master Franchise) may surpass several times that.

To convert an existing English training business into an IEERA franchise could entail a considerably lower investment.

Commercial Terms*

Unit Franchise Fee:
US $20,000 to US $150,000**

Master Franchise Fee***:
US $50,000 to US $1 million+**

6% of gross revenues

Marketing Distribution Fee:
1% of gross revenues

Content Fees:
varies based on if and how materials/products are used

* This is a summary of key commercial terms. Other terms may apply. Please refer to the franchise
   agreements and disclosure documents for more details.

** Territory values are based on size and economics of market

***Master Franchisees are for larger territories, that will typically be developed through multiple
    locations, including the right to award sub-franchises.

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