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English Competitions

IEEAC offers a range of competitions / assessments over various grade levels in the following countries:

   » USA        » UK
   » Australia        » Brunei
   » Canada      » Korea
   » New Zealand        » Malaysia
   » Pacific Region        » Hong Kong
   » South Africa        » China
   » Singapore      » India

English Competitions are the most widely known activities of International English Education Assessment Committee (IEEAC) of IEERA.

The Competitions were introduced in North America, UK, and Australia in 1975 and  were established internationally in 1994. They now attract more than 30 million entries each year.

The Competitions have expanded in subject coverage and now include:

  • English Speech
  • English Reading
  • English Listening
  • English Writing
  • English Application
  • Spelling

International Competitions and Assessments

International Competitions for Schools operate in:



New Zealand
Pacific including Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu
South Africa



International Assessments for Schools operate in:

Hong Kong

International Assessments for Indian Schools operate in:

India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the Middle East:

International Skills Test for Schools operates in:


  • English (Junior/Intermediate/Senior)

Critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving are essential higher order skills for success in school as well as in the wider community. The material presented in the International Skills Test for Schools reflects this importance, providing the opportunity for students to perform a range of tasks using these skills.

The Test caters for a wide range of student abilities using contexts that incorporate students’ interest and engage their attention.

The content of the test papers is not based directly on any particular school curriculum, but it is derived from the principles on which curricula are constructed. The test results provide valuable diagnostic information that can be used to supplement or complement teaching and learning activities.

Students at all levels of competency benefit from participation in the International Skills Test for Schools.


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