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The International English Competitions are arguably the most widely known activities of International English Education Assessment Committee (IEEAC) of IEERA.

The Competitions were introduced in North America in 1975 and were established internationally in 1994. They now attract more than 30 million entries each year.

The Competitions have expanded in subject coverage and now include:

  • English Speech
  • English Reading
  • English Listening
  • English Writing
  • English Application
  • Spelling

Internatinal English Competitions operate in the following countries:

   » Canada      » Korea
   » New Zealand        » Malaysia
   » Pacific Region        » Hong Kong
   » South Africa        » China
   » Singapore      » India

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Who Benefits from School Competitions?


Teachers can use the statistical reports sent to schools to:

  • monitor individual student progress
  • modify their classroom activities to cater for the individual
  • and/or group needs of their students.


The statistics report enables schools to:

  • identify strengths and weaknesses in their students’ performances
  • compare their students’ achievements with the rest of their state
  • examine strengths and weaknesses in their school-based curriculum
  • consider the allocation of resources to support the curriculum.


The diagnostic report enables students to:

  • identify personal strengths and weaknesses
  • compare their achievement with the rest of their state
  • monitor individual progress from year to year
  • celebrate success through receiving a Certificate.

The diagnostic report is particularly valuable for providing an independent result of assessment in specific Key Learning Areas for students at all levels of achievement.

By participating in the Competitions, students are better prepared for state-based tests. Students can also monitor their progress from year to year and gain valuable experience in sitting external tests.

Additionally, the student’s report and Certificate are suitable for inclusion in a portfolio which could be used when applying for scholarships, transferring to new schools and even for applying for first jobs.


In addition to the above, parents can use the diagnostic report to discuss the student’s performance with teachers and thereby contribute to the development of an individual learning program for their child.




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