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International English Education Assessment Committee (IEEAC) of IEERA.  has become highly regarded for its contribution to the theory and research that underpins developments in English educational measurement and assessment.

In recent times, there has been a substantial increase in the professional advice and support activities of the staff at IEEAC. They have been providing measurement and support to policy makers across a range of educational and commercial sectors. This is in addition to undertaking research, teaching and workshops in English educational measurement, assessment and evaluation throughout the world.

Current research activities of IEEAC staff and PhD students include:

  • Investigating whether social variables of age, gender and ethnocultural/language background have a bearing on responses to selected questions from the various International English Competitions
  • The development of new approaches to assessing English as an international language
  • Monitoring developmental trends in creative potential with modern psychometric theory
  • Research into the development of online databases and item-banks
  • Consulting on the development of the International Benchmarks for English Writing
  • Informing the assessment approach used in large-scale assessment programs such as English Language & Literacy Assessment (ELLA) and Primary Writing Assessment (PWA)

These activities will be enhanced in coming years with the introduction of various on-line initiatives and the extension of research activities involving IEEAC staff, in conjunction with visiting international scholars and PhD candidates.



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