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The International English Skills Tests for Schools

The International English Skills Tests for Schools is written by International English Education Assessment Committee (IEEAC) of IEERA as a test of English for students in China.

The test papers each contain 100 multiple choice questions: 20 Listening questions and 80 Reading questions. During the Listening section of the test, a tape is played for students. The students listen to the passages and the questions are read twice. They then answer the questions on an answer sheet. The remaining questions test a variety of skills in understanding and interpreting both factual and literary texts. Students read the passages and questions in the test booklet and answer the questions on the answer sheet.

The International English Skills Test for Schools is attempted by approximately 120 000 students each year in China. Comprehensive results are sent to schools and students enabling them to gauge each student's strengths and weaknesses across a range of skills.

Certificates are presented to all students who participate in the test and medals are awarded to the highest achieving students.

  • Medal to the best student in each level
  • Certificate of High Distinction (to the top 1% of entrants in each level)
  • Certificate of Distinction (to the next 10% of entrants in each level)
  • Certificate of Credit (to the next 20% of entrants in each level)
  • Certificate of Participation (to all students who do not qualify for one of the above Certificates.)

In addition, outstanding students are selected by their teachers and are given the opportunity to visit IEERA in the USA for a seven-day educational tour. The Chinese students and their teachers attend presentations at IEERA as well as spending time touring the sights of the city, visiting a university and seeing some of America's unique animals.

If you would like more information about the International English Skills Tests for Schools please contact: IEEAC.




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