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International Spoken English Proficency Certification


What does the ISEPC do?
The ISEPC provides spoken English proficiency screening services to organizations
employing non-native speaking staff members, certifies the spoken English proficiency
of individuals whose first language is not English, offers English as a second language
instruction to prospective teaching assistants/instructors, and monitors social
compliance with the IEERA policy on spoken English proficiency.

How are candidates certified?
Candidates are certified on the basis of their score on the International Spoken English
Proficiency Test (ISEPT) , or International Spoken English Test & International English
Interpretation Test(ISET&IEIT), an English as a second language test in oral
communication exclusively for non-native speaking individuals.

Tests for certification
International Spoken English Proficiency Test (ISEPT)
International Spoken English Test  (ISET)
International English Interpretation Test (IEIT),



How to Apply
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