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International Interpreter Certification Program

Simultaneous Interpretation
Interpreters learn how to interpret simultaneously between English and the target
language, work with interpretation equipment and develop specific skills needed to
interpret in the simultaneous mode in various settings including live broadcasts,
presentations, conferences and business meetings.

Consecutive Interpretation
This training program focuses on the various aspects of consecutive interpretation
including memory exercises, terminology, note-taking techniques, sight translation
exercises and public speaking to help interpreters develop and refine the skills needed
for medical, business or legal interpretation.

Medical Interpreting
Our medical training program provides interpreters with the necessary skills to
interpret for mental-health interviews, emergency calls and various medical procedures.
Topics include cultural awareness issues, medical terminology, modes of interpreting,
Code of Ethics and the role of the medical interpreter. Our instructors help interpreters
refine their interpreting skills, increase their knowledge of the health care industry and
learn how to work in various medical settings.

Court Interpreting
This course focuses on courtroom ethics and protocol. Interpreters learn how to
effectively work with judges and attorneys, avoid conflicts of interest, improve interpreting
accuracy and improve their court interpreting skills and professional development.

Business/Financial Interpreting
This program is designed for interpreters who are interested in broadening their
financial and business vocabulary. Participants learn financial terms and concepts in
order to effectively interpret for banks, insurance companies and loan interviews.

Telephonic Interpretation
This course reviews basic and advanced methods of interpreting over the phone for
various situations including emergency calls, court proceedings, technical calls from
software firms and calls from social service agencies. Interpreters learn telephonic
interpreting procedures, interpreting modes, and how to manage a call for medical,
legal and financial customers.

Exam Preparation
This course teaches interpreters the strategies they need to pass the IEERA Interpreter
Exam. The instructor provides a description of the exam, practice exercises and
strategies to help interpreters successfully complete the exam. A sample exam is also




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