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Certification  >  General Information about International Interpreter Certification

General Information about International Interpreter Certification

The International English Educational Research Association (IEERA) has a specialized
department devoted exclusively to interpreter Training and Testing. The department
provides individual interpreters—as well as courts, hospitals and agencies, which
employ staff interpreters—with the most professional programs available.

IEERA offers language-specific and English-based training programs to accommodate
all interpreters regardless of language and experience.
With our courses you can

Participants are provided with course materials and a certificate upon completion of
each training seminar. Many of our courses also offer continuing education credits for
state certified interpreters.

IEERA conducts both on-site and distance learning seminars to accommodate the
needs of professional interpreters throughout the United States and the world. Our
on-site instruction to groups covers various topics to ensure that interpreters are
prepared to work in any setting.

Through our on-site workshops you can

IEERA conducts live audio seminars in order to provide training to interpreters across
the globe. Through our distance learning courses you can

To view our training courses, click here.

All IEERA interpreter trainers are highly qualified, professional and practicing interpreters.
They have decades of combined experience in various interpretation settings such as
courtrooms, medical offices, social services meetings and conferences.

Interpreter Testing

Do you rely on your staff to communicate with a non-English speaking party in medical,
legal and business settings? If so, how do you ensure that they are fully qualified to do
the interpreting?

IEERA requires its certified interpreters to go through testing procedures to ensure that
they possess language fluency and that they are fully qualified to deal with specialized
terminology in specific industries. Having a fully trained and certified staff of interpreters
allows IEERA to maintain the exceptional standard of interpretation for which it is known.
As a testament to IEERA’ rigorous testing procedures, many states have approved the
IEERA Interpreter Exam as its licensing exam for interpreters in their states.

Exam Description
The IEERA Interpreter Exam is designed to assess and evaluate a candidate's language
and interpreting skills in both English and the specified foreign language. The candidate
is required to interpret bidirectionally between English and the target language.

The candidate must demonstrate the following:

Administration of Exam
The IEERA Interpreter Exam is a prerecorded, oral test that is administered over the
telephone from our office. Both the original text and its interpretation by the candidate are
recorded. A IEERA test administrator contacts the candidate at a scheduled time and
explains the instructions for taking the test.

Exam Evaluation
A qualified, tested and trained IEERA test evaluator assesses and scores each candidate's
test. Each of our test evaluators must successfully complete a comprehensive evaluator-
training program as well as several years of practical interpreting experience in the field.
The candidate is rated using a standardized scoring tool and is graded on foreign
language proficiency, English language proficiency and interpreting skills.



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