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Study Options of TESOL

Study in an intensive "in-class" setting, or by distance education (either online or by
correspondence) in the convenience of your own home, at your own pace…We
understand your fast-paced, busy lifestyle, so we have designed our programs to suit
everyone's schedule and educational budget…

The International TESOL Teacher Certification Course is equivalent in academic
content and quality whether studied in-class or by distance education.

The TESOL Certificate you receive is exactly the same whether you study in-class,
online or by correspondence. Distance education students are welcome to attend the
in-class course anywhere, at any time in the future.

In Class TESOL Course Info:

WHAT IS The International TESOL Teacher Certification?

It is the first mandatory part of the various TESOL programs offered by IEERA. For
example, it is part 1 of the 2-part Program 2 (Advanced TESOL Teacher Certificate-
120 Hours). It is classed as a 60-Hour course, and takes at least 60 hours to complete.

In-Class TESOL Course Components:



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