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In Asia now? No need to go back to the USA, Canada or
Australia, just get TESOL Certified in China!

IEERA has introduced enjoyable, convenient and quality TESOL certificate program to
top universities and schools in China since 2003, enabling over 2,000 people to get
TESOL certified in china, live and work successfully worldwide.

The following universities and schools offer  IEERA's International TESOL Program:
Tsinghua University                                                     (Beijing)
Zhejiang University                                                      (Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province)
East China Normal University                                    (Shanghai)
Huazhong Normal University                                     (Wuhan , Hubei Province)
Jiangsu University                                                       (Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province)
Jianghai College                      
                                    (Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province)
Winstorm International English School                  (Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province)
Xinkai Training School                                                (Suzhou, Jiangsu Province)                                              
Web International English School                            (Shanghai)

Below is an overview of the unique features that our International TESOL programs
have to offer you. Your success is guaranteed with us. Do not hesitate, the time to do
this is now…start your year abroad the right way!

● A Career Option with a Solid Future
● An Overseas Job is Guaranteed
● Get Certified in 5 Days...Train&Leave Immediately
● Excellent Contract Packages&Benefits
● Free Job Assistance Provided for All Graduates
● 99% Job Placement Success Rate
● All Ages&Backgrounds
● No Degree or Experience Required
● Innovative Programs for Both New and Experienced Teachers of English
● No Need to Speak the Local Language
● Earn and Save Lots of Money
● Pay Off Your Loans as You Travel the Globe
● Learn to Travel Work&Live Abroad -- Safely and Securely

Who Takes Our Programs?
-Both New and Experienced Conversational English Teachers
-Adventurers/Travelers Taking time Off to Explore the Planet
-University & College Students, & High School Graduates
-Retirees, Couples, Friends and Families
-People Desiring a Career Change
-People Interested in a Working Vacation
-Non-Native English Speaking Teachers and Students
-ESL Tutors and Volunteers
-People of All Ages, Nationalities and Backgrounds
-Members of Religious, Cultural & Aid Organizations
-ESL Professionals Seeking Formal Credentials & Specialized (ESP) Upgrading
-Educators Presently Teaching Overseas or Locally
-Those Interested in an Internationally-Focused Professional Development Course
-International Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs Pursuing the Global Market
-People Who Taught Abroad Without a Certificate, & Are Planning to Go Again

Why do I need TESOL certification?
Academics and employers agree that a university degree alone will not prepare you to teach English. Most university ESL courses are theory based and only locally focused. TESOL teachers require special skills and knowledge imperative to know HOW to teach "communication in another language, in a foreign land."

Most employers require that their teachers have TESOL certificates. It is difficult to find a good job without a TESOL certificate, even with a degree. Uncertified teachers who have taught abroad in the past, become TESOL certified before going again to get a job in today's competitive job market.
Teachers who have International TESOL certification will be eligible for many more employment opportunities and considerably higher wages than those who do not have formal training. Become International TESOL certified & stand out from the rest!

Will I find work with an International TESOL certificate?
Absolutely. Our TESOL certificates are recognized in language schools worldwide. Plus, with so many countries eager to learn English, it’s easy to find work. As there is no international governing body for TESOL, language schools often search for people with native English language skills, an interest in the country’s culture and some knowledge or experience of teaching. Schools are consistently recruiting all year round and since all of our tutors are experienced in teaching abroad, they will be happy to provide you with invaluable up-to-date advice when you take part in courses.

Do I need to speak another language?
Not at all. Thousands of people worldwide teach without knowing the language of their destination and in many cultures it is regarded as the ideal way to teach. If you’re still concerned however, don’t worry. Attend our courses and you’ll get a taste of just how simple it can be.

How does this International TESOL course compare to longer courses?
If you’re intending to teach for a few years while traveling, there’s no need to gain a longer qualification. Our courses provide all the essentials for new TESOL teachers and are ideal for experienced teachers desiring a convenient and enjoyable refresher. It’s also a great starting place if you would prefer to cover essentials in a supportive environment, before moving on to longer, more demanding courses.

International TESOL Certificate Program
(60 Hours)

The IEERA's International TESOL Certification is an intensive course which provides participants with professional knowledge and skills in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) as well as tools for their own reflection and growth as teachers. It is designed to be offered intensively in five days or extensively over a longer period.

The course provides practical training through teaching demonstrations, lesson planning and analysis, and practice teaching and feedback. Participants develop skills in teaching, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and culture. The course begins with a brief look at second language acquisition through the experience of being a learner. Participants then examine specific teaching areas each day, which they apply in their daily practice teaching of adult ESOL learners. Participants gain skills in analysis through examining their lessons with IEERA teacher trainers.

This program is a 60-Hour/6-Day  Intensive Course:

Internation TESOL Course (60 Hours)
(Available In-Class)

International TESOL Certificate Sample

$9800 CNY (Chinese Yuan)

Textbook Fee:
$200 CNY (Chinese Yuan)

How to Register:

This certification program requires pre-registration through the IEERA Authorized Consulting Station (IEERA ACS) in China.  IEERA ACSs often publish bulletins that provide information about certification dates and registration procedures.

For contact information about IEERA ACSs in China, please send email to:



‘Interesting, exciting, informative. I never got bored and was amazed by how much I learned!’
       ----Sean T. Fortune (UK)
, 2006

Sean taught at Yangzhou Meiling Middle School last semester after he got TESOL certified. He is treated as the most valuable English teacher by the school. The school has singed contract with him for one more year.


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