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Member Communities

Special Interest Groups -- professional member interest groups
Caucuses -- organized around social, cultural, or demographic identities
Affiliates -- regional, autonomous organizations
Students -- undergraduate and graduate students in IEERA
E-Groups -- helping members connect with one other

Special Interest Groups

Interest Groups (SIGs) are special professional interest groups within IEERA.
Joining IEERA entitles you to full membership privileges in any interest group.


Caucuses provide forums for members of IEERA who share common social, cultural,
or demographic identities. Caucuses maintain an electronic discussion list and an
electronic newsletter that highlights concerns, and host or referee meetings and
colloquia during the annual convention. Joining IEERA entitles you to full membership
privileges in any complimentary caucus.


Autonomous IEERA affiliates provide English language educators worldwide with
professional information and support within their geographic regions. Affiliate
conferences, newsletters, and varied membership services encourage information
exchange and provide a valuable source of support.


IEERA  provides an electronic mailing list especially for student members of IEERA.
Discussions include getting (and staying) involved in IEERA while enrolled in school,
pursuing a career as an IEERA professional, and applying to graduate school in
related fields. The electronic discussion list gives IEERA student members a chance
to learn about IEERA activities and network with other IEERA student members.


IEERA members can now join or create E-Groups -- short-term electronic mailing
lists of members interested in a specific topic that may intersect or connect multiple
interest section or caucus goals.



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