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International Diploma Programs  

IEERA has an international diploma qualification awarded at three levels:

International Diploma                          Click to see a sample diploma
International Advanced Diploma      Click to see a sample diploma
International Graduate Diploma       Click to see a sample diploma

The International Diploma Programs provide students with the practical business skills necessary to excel in the global economy. Combining intensive academic training with hands-on application, the International Diploma Programs introduce students to the most critical professional topics in today's global economy.

The IDPs are an excellent means of acquiring the cutting edge theories and practices relevant to your field. At the same time, participants are able to apply these theories and practices in innovative and engaging classes taught by instructors with real-world experience in the subject matter. IDP participants can choose one or more of the following programs:

Business Management/Administration
The Business Management/Administration Diploma Program helps prepare students for fast-track professional business careers. The concepts and tools learned in the program will enable students to excel in a broad range of business functions while providing a solid academic foundation from which to pursue studies at the M.B.A. level. The IEERA partner schools can choose to use Business Management or Business Administration as the program title depending on their own preferences.

Computer Information Systems
The Computer Information Systems Diploma Program offers students the powerful tools needed to build a successful career in computer programming, systems analysis, or computer consulting. The program offers the opportunity to define, manage, and execute a systems approach to the business environment. Students learn to write computer programs using the universal C programming language, maximize the capability of the UNIX operating system, and define and design database and computer network systems.

The Finance Diploma Program provides students with a solid grounding in financial management concepts and techniques. The program focuses on real-world solutions!practical exercises, case studies, and computer simulations!to prepare graduates for positions of responsibility in the areas of corporate finance, banking, and investment management, or to provide a solid foundation for entry into a high-quality M.B.A. program.

International Business
The International Business Diploma Program prepares students for responsible positions in organizations actively engaged in the global marketplace. Courses focus on global business processes and institutions, international marketing and finance, the mechanics of trade, and the legal and regulatory environments in which international managers must operate.

As the international economy expands, companies throughout the world have come to recognize the importance of marketing. The Marketing Diploma Program helps students build a solid foundation in marketing, upon which they can later add global experience. The program primarily focuses on U.S. marketing practices that are successfully utilized in global commerce.

Project Management
Economic globalization has increased the demand for interdisciplinary teams that work productively to accomplish complex business objectives. The Project Management Diploma Program gives students a solid foundation for meeting this need. This academically rigorous program helps students develop the skills necessary to keep business projects on task, on time, and on budget.

Hotel Management
Launch your career in the hotel industry with this Hotel Management diploma program. From front desk to finance, this comprehensive program will teach you all aspects of hotel management. You will learn to work in and manage all areas of a full-service hotel, including rooms, food and beverage, culinary, marketing and sales, conferences and catering. General courses such as business communications and computer skills will ensure you meet the industry¨s demand for well-rounded graduates with technical and interpersonal skills.

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) is a multidisciplinary field of study with the purpose of preparing people with the expertise, commitment, and skills for management, marketing, and operations positions in the expanding industry that provides food, accommodations, and tourism services to people away from home. As a field of study, Hospitality and Tourism Management is interdisciplinary. It draws upon a wide range of basic disciplines to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills that are required to fulfill the diverse demands placed upon individuals in management positions within the hospitality industry.

Recognizing that the individual educated for today is soon out of date, the academic emphasis of the program is on principles, analytical tools, processes, and systems. These change relatively slowly. However, it is recognized that at least a minimal exposure to the skills and knowledge which make up the present state of the art is necessary to understand the principles. Likewise, it is recognized that the students in the program are composites of many talents, and that in hospitality and tourism, pure academic ability cannot predict professional success. Thus, the program has as a basic objective the presentation of an academic curriculum to develop management capability through interdisciplinary subject exposure, problem identification, basic concepts, decision making, theory, and management application. In addition, students are encouraged to develop foreign language skills to better prepare for this increasingly international industry.

Hair and Beauty Studies
The International Diploma Programs in Hair and Beauty Studies will give learners the knowledge, skills and attitude that employers are looking for. This exciting new Diploma reveals the wide range of career opportunities that exist within the six industries of the hair and beauty sector. This will allow learners to experience the reality of working as a hairdresser, barber, beauty/spa therapist or nail technician.

The Diploma in Hair and Beauty Studies covers the latest developments in technology and explores how the growing public interest in personal appearance and well being has influenced the growth of this sector.

Six industries covered: hairdressing, barbering, spa therapy, African-type hairdressing/barbering, nail services.

Arts Management
The diploma programs in Arts Management build on the international diplomas to develop students' critical, interpretive and problem-solving capabilities. It provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of arts management and cultural policy, while providing room for some specialisation and the development of specific interests.

The course offers a combination of core management subjects specifically designed for the arts environment. The porgram is an extremely popular course and is held in high regard by the arts industry.

Logistics Management
Logistics is now firmly established as a key issue on most corporate agendas in today's global market place. It is making a revolutionary impact on industry as management becomes more aware of its potential and is arguably the most vital task facing all organizations. Logistics has now become a boardroom issue. Logistics has moved from being a middle management position to being a senior executive one as the management of the flow of material and goods into and out of the organisation is seen to have a significant impact on customer service and costs. Logistics is increasingly developing into a factor that shapes a company's success and has become the battleground of this decade and the key competitive weapon for the millennium. The course is designed for logistics professionals in the Distribution, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Transport and Freight Forwarding
-who are employed in any sector of the Supply Chain or
-in any activity that operates in conjunction with the Supply Chain.
The IEERA's course in Logistics Management will up-skill participants and provide them with the necessary expertise to meet the Logistics challenges of the future.

Diploma Application Requirements

International Diploma
1. IEPT Level 2 certificate (for applicants from non-English speaking countries)
2. ISET/ISEIT Level 2 certificate (for applicants from non-English speaking countries)
3. Graduation from a high school or its equivalent
4. Credits to Graduate: 30.00 (taking in-class courses at IEERA Centers)
5. Diploma thesis

International Advanced Diploma

1. IEPT Level 3 certificate (for applicants from non-English speaking countries)
2. ISET/ISEIT Level 3 certificate (for applicants from non-English speaking countries)
3. Received the International Diploma or its equivalent
4. Credits to Graduate: 30.00 (taking in-class courses at IEERA Centers)
5. Diploma thesis

International Graduate Diploma
1. IEPT Level 4 certificate (for applicants from non-English speaking countries)
2. ISET/ISEIT Level 4 certificate (for applicants from non-English speaking countries)
3. Received the International Advanced Diploma or its equivalent
4. Credits to Graduate: 30.00 (taking in-class courses at IEERA Centers)
5. Diploma thesis


Diploma Thesis

Diploma applicants must submit a thesis which meets IEERA's Thesis Assessment Criteria. All theses will be assessed by the IEERA Global Academic Board (IEERA GAB). A thesis assessment fee of 3000USD may apply.

Diploma Cover

Diploma covers will be available after the commencement ceremony and will be approximately $50.00. You may also purchase a diploma cover in either IEERA center.

All programs and fees are subject to change without prior notice. 


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