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Our Mission is:

_To link, develop and support English Language    
Teaching professionals throughout the world.

_To promote English language teaching at all levels.

_To bring English language teachers together, allowing
    them to share experiences and research.

_To acquaint teachers with current thinking in ESL/EFL  

We do this through:
_A range of regular publications. These include six  
copies of our
magazine IEERA Issues and a free  
publication per year.

olding an Annual International Conference with an
    extensive program of talks and workshops, which attracts over 1,700 delegates.
_Offering members the chance to join any number of 14 Special Interest Groups(SIGs).
_Providing members with reduced rates on a number of selected professional  
_Offering TESOL Teacher Certification Program to     
    those who want to teach English to speakers of
    other languages.
_Offering English Interpreter Certification Program to
    those who want to work as an interpreter.

roviding accurate international English educational
    measurement and assessment services to both
    schools and students.

_Holding Annual International English Competition

_Offering scholarships to specific groups of teachers to
    enable them to attend our Annual Conference.
_Linking with associated professional organizations in

_Providing help in forming or developing a local English teachers' organization.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and that you will want
to join the IEERA family of over
5 million certified members in more than
one hundred different countries.


IEERA SIEP (IEERA Seattle Intercultural Education Programs)  has been recognized as a leader in educational exchange programs for people around the world ranging from youth to senior business and public policy officials.

We tailor programs to the unique needs of our partners—government agencies, private enterprises, universities, and NGOs worldwide. Our customized educational exchange programs tap the spectacular academic resources of IEERA as well as our extensive network of public sector and corporate leaders. With a diverse team of professionals, SIEP has the capacity, management expertise, and experience to deliver programs in Seattle, and anywhere in the world..

                                                                                                                              ------  Ying Purcell     Program Director 

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The Joy of English was first established by Damien Vanderwolf, a member of IEERA, in 1999 on Sydney Northern Beaches to cater to the needs of private students at some of Sydney's finest schools. Students can also include Water Activities before all their lessons in Manly.

I was born on the Northern Beaches and felt after two years I had to broaden my teaching experience and travel to South Korea and be part of a student exchange program at Semyung University and also to lecture there.

I arrived back in Australia to complete my under-graduate TESOL certificate. In 2001 I was invited to lecture at Yangzhou Teachers College, Yangzhou and "Winstorm", Language Lab for 2 years. These two experiences were to have a profound effect and today I operate the only language lab to be found at any private English College at Northern Beaches.

At the Joy of English, I hope to provide a competitively priced English study Course.

                                                                                                                                  ------ Damien Vanderwolf     Founder   

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