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  Job Title              TESOL Teacher
                               General English Teacher
                               Teaching general English to children,
                               teenagers and adults.
  Location             China
  Location City     Every major city

Job requirements

1. Native English speaker
2. Bachelor degree and above
3. Minimally 2 years’ experience as an ESOL teacher, with IEERA’s TESOL certificate

Job descriptions

1.Teaching ESOL--- English to Speakers of Other Language
2. Planning and preparing lessons as well as developing curriculum
3. Giving and supervising oral level tests when necessary
4. Participating in the social programs organized by the school
6. Participating in Employee training programs and workshops organized by the school
7. Participating in promotional and marketing activities organized by the school
8. Attending scheduled meetings


1. A basic monthly salary ranges from RMB 6,000 to RMB 10,000 based on different 
    cities or regions in China
2. Housing allowance provided.
3. Travel allowance provided.

Working Hours

Working hours per week are 40 hours, including 25 teaching hours between 09h00 and
21h00, with two days off, but not necessarily on weekends.


The employee will be given a 10-day statutory holiday. After completion of 7 months on a
year’s contract, the employee will be entitled to take paid vacation time for a total of 5 days.

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